We are thought leaders and visionaries bound by a common mission: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Positioned at the intersection of innovation and strategy, we deliver perspectives and insight on topics impacting data, design, and business scale.

A collection of conversations that explore what happens when data is infused with the creative process and the potential outcomes when we ignore it.

Matthew Calkins
Experience Director - IBM

A conversation with Matt Calkins, Design Principal & Creative Director at IBM Events & Experiences on how to design immersive, branded...
Olivia Hayes
Product Strategist - Accomplice

A conversation with Leah Hacker, Producer of IWDR and Head of Research at Accomplice, on one of our favorite topics: innovation...
Olivia Hayes
Product Strategist - Accomplice

It's that time again, as we wrap up Season 2, to think about our lessons learned. This season, we ventured into...
Kate Heddleston
Founder & Advocate of Diversity in Tech - Opsolutely

A conversation with Kate Heddleston, founder of Opsolutely and an outspoken advocate of diversity in tech, on a topic that is...
Christina Janzer
Head of Research - Slack

A conversation with Christina Janzer, Head of Research at Slack. Enterprise products are especially complex when it comes to the full...
Tim Lyons
Chief Marketing Officer - QSR International

A conversation with Tim Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer of QSR International, based out of Melbourne Australia on the human side of...
Jason Hreha
Head of Product, Behavioral Sciences - Walmart

A conversation with Jason Hreha, Head of Product, Behavioral Sciences at Walmart and author (find his work here: The Behavioral Scientist),...
Sarah Jones Simmer
Chief Operating Officer - Bumble

A conversation with Bumble's Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Jones Simmer, on creating a product that builds community with a brand that...
Innovator & Founder - Strangeworks

A conversation with Whurley, innovator and thought leader on emerging tech. In this episode, we explore the topic of sustainable innovation...
Luke Chatelain
VP of Innovation - West Elm

A conversation with Luke Chatelain, the VP of Innovation at West Elm, about innovation in the consumer experience. Within the current...

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As a daughter of a teacher and a technologist, Kenzie was encouraged to ask questions and build answers. Now, as an Experience Designer focused on digital products, she uses that same inquisitive skill to drive outcomes across industries. When she’s not podcasting, Kenzie helps businesses ask the most critical questions and build market-leading answers using design and technology.

Understanding new perspectives is her passion and probing topical conversations is her forté, she brings both to the mic at It’s Worth Doing Right.

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