We are thought leaders and visionaries bound by a common mission: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Positioned at the intersection of innovation and strategy, we deliver perspectives and insight on topics impacting data, design, and business scale.

A collection of conversations that explore what happens when data is infused with the creative process and the potential outcomes when we ignore it.

Sarah Jones Simmer
Chief Operating Officer - Bumble

A conversation with Bumble's Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Jones Simmer on creating a product that builds community with a brand that...
Innovator & Founder - Strangeworks

A conversation with Whurley, innovator and thought leader on emerging tech, we explore the topic of sustainable innovation in business. In...
Luke Chatelain
VP of Innovation - West Elm

A conversation with Luke Chatelain the VP of Innovation at West Elm on innovating a consumer experience. Within the current retail...
Olivia Hayes
Product Strategist - accpl

It's been fun. It's been real. It's been real fun. Huge thanks to our incredible guests, Olivia Hayes - our Host,...
Ali Madad
Principal & Founder - SCTY

A conversation with Ali Madad, a thought leader on the topic of innovation. Design thinking, by the sounds of it, would...
Merci Grace
Former Director of Product, Growth - Slack

A conversation with Merci Grace, former Director of Product focused on Growth at Slack, on how user experience impacts conversions and...
Matthew Blakstad
Writer, Researcher, & Communicator - Matthew Blakstad, Author

Today we’re going to talk with Matthew Blakstad about the meaning behind a sometimes buzzy marketing term: differentiation. We’ve heard it...
Steven Gianakouros
Design Manager, Product Creative - Netflix

A conversation with Steven Gianakouros, a Design Manager on the Product Creative Team at Netflix, Los Angeles, on the term “data” and a...
Martha Cotton
Group Design Director, Research - Fjord

A conversation with Martha Cotton, exploring the role of data in the design thinking process. We wanted to dig in and...

Meet Your Host

Olivia Hayes
Product Strategy - Accomplice

With a background in ux design and research, Olivia came to product development via a non-traditional route - empathy and the study of human behavior. As a product strategist, she is committed to helping organizations build the right products for the right users, using a mixture of intuition, research, data, and common sense.

She brings her reputation of sass-mouth product strategy and no nonsense outcomes to the mic as the host for It’s Worth Doing Right.

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