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Season 2: Wrapped

Olivia Hayes
Host, It's Worth Doing Right - Accomplice
It's that time again, as we wrap up Season 2, to think about the lessons learned. This season we ventured into the world of the connected consumer -- how do we reach them? What should we be paying attention to? Thank you to our guests, we had such fun chatting with you! Thank you to our listeners--please reach out and tell us what you think! And to our amazing team that makes this happen week after week --- cheers!    

Meet Your Host

Olivia Hayes
Product Strategy - Accomplice

With a background in ux design and research, Olivia came to product development via a non-traditional route - empathy and the study of human behavior. As a product strategist, she is committed to helping organizations build the right products for the right users, using a mixture of intuition, research, data, and common sense.

She brings her reputation of sass-mouth product strategy and no nonsense outcomes to the mic as the host for It’s Worth Doing Right.

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