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Season 1: That’s a Wrap

Olivia Hayes
Host, It's Worth Doing Right - Accomplice
It's been fun. It's been real. It's been real fun. Huge thanks to our incredible guests, Olivia Hayes - our Host, Leah Hacker - our Producer, Arun Venkatesh - our Audio Editor, and the many, many hands that made Season 1 a reality. We've had a ton of fun this Season and look forward to Season 2. See you in Feb 2018. And remember, if you're going to do something....It's Worth Doing Right.

Meet Your Host

Olivia Hayes
Product Strategy - Accomplice

With a background in ux design and research, Olivia came to product development via a non-traditional route - empathy and the study of human behavior. As a product strategist, she is committed to helping organizations build the right products for the right users, using a mixture of intuition, research, data, and common sense.

She brings her reputation of sass-mouth product strategy and no nonsense outcomes to the mic as the host for It’s Worth Doing Right.

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