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Customer-Centric Arms Race (w Jason Hreha)

Jason Hreha
Head of Product, Behavioral Sciences - Walmart
A conversation with Jason Hreha, Head of Product, Behavioral Sciences at Walmart and Author (find his work here: The Behavioral Scientist), discussing the business application of human behavior principles. New digital channels or spaces where channels begin to overlap one another, like digital and in-store, impact human interaction and behavior in ways we've not considered before. Can, what seems like strictly an academic study, help to guide us in creating meaning and value in the products and experiences we design?   

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Kenzie Haynes

As a daughter of a teacher and a technologist, Kenzie was encouraged to ask questions and build answers. Now, as an Experience Designer focused on digital products, she uses that same inquisitive skill to drive outcomes across industries. When she’s not podcasting, Kenzie helps businesses ask the most critical questions and build market-leading answers using design and technology.

Understanding new perspectives is her passion and probing topical conversations is her forté, she brings both to the mic at It’s Worth Doing Right.

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