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Using Holograms to Tell a Story

Ryan Padgett
Director, Immersive Media - Accomplice

Design & Manufacturing (DSNMFG) and Captive recently finished a large experiential installation for a major hotel chain.

But this installation required a bit different approach from the usual means.

While many brand installations can be fairly passive, meaning the audience is free to peruse the experience at their own pace with no set agenda. This install required a linear time-based approach in order to communicate the story we wanted to tell.


Our friends at Fjord built the Digital Concierge product for a major hotel chain, a new mobile and tablet app that provides a seamless interaction between the guests and the associates of the hotel.  As well as integrated booking and scheduling with airlines, amenities, and local attractions. Our challenge was to show off of the capabilities of this new platform. We answered by creating a multi-persona storyline showing how the guest experience is improved by using the app.

In order to achieve the time-based linear storytelling format, we utilized theater-based lighting and projection techniques. We used industry standard software and server systems for lighting and projection playback and cueing. Thus allowing for maximum control to tell the story from start to finish. Some examples of this included changing atmospheric lighting along with emotional changes in the story, simulating breaking lamp bulbs with software and dimmer controls, and controlling custom-shot green screen characters that we composited into the scenes as holograms with a holographic projection material called Hologuaze.

The approach created a portable installation, allowing the entire experience to move to any location and retain all of our linear-programming and cueing. The end result was hugely successful for the client as it allowed them to play the show for audiences whenever they needed, allowing them to pause and move through chapters seamlessly while training. We are looking forward to the opportunity of taking the installation across Asia in 2018.


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